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China business consultants and Yujie

Yujie Services was officially established in 1996 and is seated in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

The management of Yujie has already built up an experience of many years in keeping up correspondence and getting along with Chinese people, and as such has familiarized itself with their language and culture. Moreover, Yujie has an intimate knowledge of market conditions of the past as well as of the rapid changing present in the country at large.

Yujie is particularly specialised in supporting companies on the spot during the negotiations with Chinese partners. It is indispensable to be well acquainted with the methods and tactics on both sides, as a matter of fact, if the progress of the negotiation process is not to be seriously disturbed and talks to break off in the end due to unnecessary misunderstandings.

At the same time communication should be running smoothly at its optimum and attention should be paid to a proper information supply, since that is what is usually lacking when talking about contacts of Chinese business partners with representatives of western companies.

Yujie has is own network of contacts with Chinese authorities at different levels and in different places within the Province of Jiangsu, economically speaking one of the most important provinces of China. Yujie has also some good contacts with modern Chinese business life, working with several representations that came into being through old friendly relations. Yujie operates from a regional point of view instead of the usual centralized approach, and in this way Yujie is doing well in obtaining a better access to the most important share of the Chinese market.

Contacts with the Chinese government and parties involved are direct and correspondence is entirely conducted in Chinese. In this way, it is possible to avoid many misunderstandings, while statements and promises from both sides can be assessed on their merit and verified. The Dutch background helps to put across wishes and desires from the European side in a better way. Another advantage is that correspondence is usually going faster and that personal contact adds to the necessary speed. On the other hand, the different Chinese authorities - but also the companies - act according to their own schedule with corresponding priorities. Another warning here might be called for: on the Chinese side one is rarely really very helpful in supplying what is regarded as relevant information by European companies, especially if the European company in question is trying to prepare everything in advance, acting merely from within Europe. Foreign parties are expected to meet the Chinese partners first, before any serious business will be possible accompanied by a corresponding flow in information exchange.

Making your first contacts, having preliminary talks and carrying on further negotiations often turns out to be quite a difficult matter to handle for European parties. As it happens, Yujie is specialised in negotiating with Chinese partners. Whether it concerns a sales contract, setting up some kind of agency or a distribution network up to establishing a joint venture, Yujie is familiar with the usual process and all other things involved.



What does Yujie/ mean? (What's in the name?)

The name Yujie literally means 'crossing borders'.

At the same time it is a contraction of the Chinese words for 'Utrecht' (Yuhe/) and 'business world' (shangjie/) or 'the world at large' (shijie/).

Thus the name of the agency can be translated indifferent ways and this 'ambiguity' suits well:

 1. Utrecht circles;
 2. Utrecht trade circles/business world;
 3. Utrecht and the world around;
 4. Utrecht and surrounding area/the region of Utrecht;

   When 'Yu' is translated literally:

 5. crossing borders/pushing back frontiers;
 6. get across/go round the world;
 7. reaching/getting beyond the scope of a certain sphere
     i.e. bringing together different cultures?!

These possibilities all epitomize the name ofthe agency.

With this name the agency intends to represent on the one hand its seat of business in Europe and on the other hand the bridging of the Dutch/European and Chinese culture.

The name is pronounced as:  Yü-jee-eah



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